Friday, August 13, 2010

Zombie 101: Zombies Can't Climb

Guess what?

You can!



gruchall said...
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Kenny said...

I'm still suspicious of this one. Why can't zombies climb? It seems to me that a professional climber turned zombie should have a enough muscle memory to scamper up a ladder. And what is the threshold? Stairs? Ladders? Third-class scrambling, forth-class scrambling, fifth-class climbing?

Mark Patrick Morehead said...

You comment inspired a story. I am envisioning these survivors on the roof of a garage:
“Don’t worry, Katie, they can’t climb.”
A guy near the edge freaks out.
“What is it Sebastian?” [Sebastian is the French guy]
“Zat one, he is wearing the climbing harness and has chalk on his fingers.”
“So what?”
“Zee is a climber! Zee has the muscle memory!”
[Sadly, none of them thought to bring a shovel up onto the roof, so our climber-zombie kills them all]