Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekly Status -- January 12, 2009

Lame week. Near the end of the draft, focusing more and more on revision. Not motivated to crank out the last few scenes. Still enjoying the story and characters, but writing it is starting to feel like work and every random side-project I think of seems more appealing than working on the book.

Almost everyone I’ve talked to hits this rough mid-point. And most people rediscover the joy when they work past it. So, I’ll press ahead.

Decided to spend a week of vacation on the book to keep the momentum going, so I plan to write full time next week. It seems like the best opportunity to do this--it should get me past the rough spot and there might not be another chance to do this later in the year because the day job looks like it will have a busy summer, busy fall and hectic winter.

The plan is to take 4-5 days this week to work on the book full time. No family. No day job.

The goal:
1) Complete the rough draft.
2) Read-through and assess the whole book.
3) Identify major changes and gaps.
4) Start 1st draft.

This should position me to work the rest of the 1st draft in daily dribbles (the 1 & 2 hour writing sessions that can be squeezed out of any day).

Here are the vital statistics (from Sunday Jan 3rd):

Rough Draft 55593 words
1st Draft 22264 words
2nd Draft 15314 words

Total: 93171 words

And some stats on the support files:

Outline: 25898 words
Brainstorming: 22887 words

Continuous days writing: 137

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