Sunday, January 4, 2009

Status: January 4, 2009

Good in the sense I wrote a lot of new material. But the writing is dragging. This is Week 21 working on this book. That is longer than I expected the initial draft to take (I was thinking short book, ~16 weeks). I have lost my enthusiasm and I am starting to think more and more about revision and marketing.

Took two days off to work on a flash-fiction piece. Set in the same world, but exploring different characters. It goes to the writing exercise we do periodically. I’m curious to see how it is received.

Had one short story rejection come in. Not sure how the short fiction will turn out. I wrote and, more importantly, submitted a lot last year. With my head buried in the book like a big fat zombie tick, I’m not sure when or how much I will be able to focus on short fiction. Sigh.

Here are the vital statistics (from Sunday Jan 3rd):

Rough Draft 53659 words
1st Draft 22264 words
2nd Draft 15314 words

Total: 91237 words

And some stats on the support files:

Outline: 25898 words
Brainstorming: 22621 words

Continuous days writing: 130

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