Monday, December 28, 2009

Advice for the New Year

Here is my New Year’s Advice, this is targeted at writers, but applies to everyone:

  • Tip351 - Year's end-a good time to ponder what you have written this year, and what you plan to write with the next.
  • Tip352 - Keep your goals realistic -- if you reach too far, you will disappoint yourself and that is difficult to recover from.
  • Tip353 - Why not break yearly goals down into monthly goals. See? Much less intimidating.
  • Tip354 - Planning: break monthly writing goals into weekly goals. Keep these loose so you can respond to events in your life.
  • Tip355 - Build a spreadsheet to track progress against your goals--success only counts if it is measured against failure.
  • Tip356 - Now you have a target. What do you need to reach it? More writing time? More know-how? More support? Make a list.
  • Tip357 - Take your list of needs and look at each--how will you meet this need? Is this realistic? Who can help?
  • Tip358 - Are you part of a local writing group? You should be. The new year is a good time to join one--or start one.
  • Tip359 - What did you NOT finish this year? Is important to finish it? If not file it away and don't worry about it anymore.
  • Tip360 - Almost the new year. Why not start early? Get your list of next year's goals and tackle the first one.
  • Tip361 - Look around your writing space. How can you make it better? Do so.
  • Tip362 - Music is a great way to modulate your mood--which helps the mood of your writing. Find mood music for your project.
  • Tip363 - Family is often the writer's first and best support. Thank yours, and support their passions as they support yours.
  • Tip364 - Writing creates flab. Magical flab. Make a new year's resolution to exercise you body and mind.
  • Tip365 - Writing can be lonely. Surround yourself with enjoyable people to welcome the new year. You may take this one day off.

There you go, have a happy and productive new year.

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