Sunday, November 15, 2009

Status -- November 15, 2009

Finished 3rd draft yesterday!

Ordered Beta-Reader copies today.

Beta’s should see something Thanksgiving week or right after.


  • clean up metrics
  • eradicate defunct files
  • list a few odds and ends that I will want if I do a 4th draft.
  • Ping Beta’s to verify they are still interested, and how deep they want to go.
  • Draft checklist for Beta’s (3 page for casuals, page-per-chapter for those going deep = 47 pages, + the basic 3 = 50 pages).
  • Query another batch of agents.
  • Wait to hear from the agents who have already asked for fulls.
  • Outline next book
  • Send out short fiction
  • Write some new short fiction
  • Relax a little. Actually this is the top of the list.

Will continue writing fiction every day, and will continue blogging about it here, as well as tracking what happens with ZPF.

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