Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zombie Tactics -- Flanking

The greatest tactical advantage humans have over zombies is the concept of flanking. Simply defined, flanking is attacking from the side rather than straight on.
This level of planning and abstraction is simply not part of the zombie mind--just one more reason why we will always win.
Zombies will ALWAYS attack head one. When they detect you, they will come at you in a straight line, regardless of terrain, tactical situation, or other considerations. Use this to your advantage.
Simple uses of flanking:
  • Goad the zombies into charging one person, have another person attack them from the side.
  • Hide behind something they cannot get through. Now pick them off one by one while sipping a mai-tai.
  • Maneuver so something deadly is between you and the zombies (such as a hole, or a river). Let them attack--they will kill themselves while you smugly look on.


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